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Buywaterfilterswholesale.com is owned and maintained by Becker Wholesale Supply, Inc. Beckers is a family owned wholesale distributor located in Slaton,Texas.
In 2007, Becker Wholesale Supply of Slaton, Texas decided to take its American Plumber water filter inventory and great knowledge of water treatment and water filters to the Internet.  Becker's has the experience, knowledge, depth of inventory, and the manufacturer sources of supply to serve any customer who is in the market for water filtration products. Throughout 33 years of existence, Beckers has served plumbers, pump dealers, drillers, hardware stores, farm & ranch stores, lumber yards, irrigators, and many more customers too many to list. The rural customer who gets water from a water well will nearly always need sand and sediment removal filters to keep particles out of the home. These particulates will cause customers  lots of grief when they reach the toilet valve or washing machine mixing valve. Mother doesn't like to sit in a bathtub full of sand & grit either. In our experience, the American Plumber model # W-15 or # 152016 whole-house water filter and replacement elements # 155053-51 offered on this site has been THE BEST WAY to deal with this problem. Why not buy them at wholesale prices! 
Water filtration marketing strategies utilized by Becker's:
1. For over 3 decades, we have been selling water filters to plumbers, pipe fitters, electricians, irrigators, farming & ranching concerns, pump dealers & drillers, handymen, maintenance departments, hardware stores, lumber yards, oil field, manufacturing, school systems and colleges, hospitals, government agencies, golf courses, and many more too many to mention here. 

2.  As the "small town hardware store" met its demise due to the arrival of the big box discount stores, the need to compete with these retail outlets becomes a necessity for many distributors across the nation. The big box discount houses have promotional sales and prices that will many times rival a wholesaler's prices. They can easily do this since they do not have to pay multilevel middlemen and they have tremendous buying power.
It has become impossible to sustain the supply chain of a manufacturer/distribution/dealer/retail price structure that was once possible in America's past. When it comes to water filters, Becker's can provide a consistent wholesale price along with experience, knowledge, and a great depth of inventory and selection. That's where the big box discount houses fail their customers. Their main effort is to stock a few of the most asked for items. They will not special order anything they don't normally stock. That strategy won't satisfy the needs of most installers and consumers. That is why Beckers and Buywaterfilterswholesale.com will soon become a first thought when it comes to the water filter needs of professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.
3.  At Buywaterfilterswholesale.com, only customers in Texas pay sales and use taxes. It is possible, however, for Texas commercial accounts who are going to resell, farming accounts who are using filters on the farm & ranch, schools and government agencies, and non profit organizations to buy from our e-store without paying sales tax. Just contact us so we can fax you the proper form we need filled out to satisfy the state comptroller. Once you have done this, you will be issued an annual code number, which you can enter at checkout time to forgo sales taxes on purchases made in that calendar year. We issue new codes each January to keep up with our filing systems. Our user friendly internet e-store is open 24/7 so you can place your orders anytime that is convenient for you.

4.  As time passes, there are plans to incorporate many more styles and kinds of water filters and water treatment into this site. Though the whole-house filter is our number one seller, we also stock and sell several other sizes and varieties of filters & filter products here at Becker's. We haven't put them on the e-store shelves as yet. But our customers are free to contact us to inquire about and order any water filter they could possibly need.
When it is time to install your filter, we can provide you the fittings you'll need as well. Becker's is also proud to offer America this "fittings at wholesale prices for everyone" e-store, information, and product website...
We welcome ALL customers who need water filters and PVC fittings to let us be their one stop source!

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You can find out more on our company at http://www.beckerwholesale.com/