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Whole-House Water Filter (less cartridge) (SKU: 150240)Whole-House Water Filter (less cartridge) (SKU: 150240) offers this extremely popular whole-house water filter with 1-1/2" inlet & outlet, 30 gpm flow rate (if 50 micron sand & sediment filter is installed), 100 psi pressure rating, 100 degree temperature capable. Ideal for customers who live in the country and have a water well. Entire home can be protected from damaging particulates with this unit.
Sand & Sediment Fliter Cartridge (SKU: 155053-51)Sand & Sediment Fliter Cartridge (SKU: 155053-51)Heavy-Duty Sand & Sediment Filter Cartridge 50 micron - adequate to protect entire home & all appliances. Made of Pleated Polyester Reduces Sand, Rust, & Scale Particles 30 GPM flow rate
Tast & Odor Carbon Filter Cartdridge (SKU: 155153-51)Tast & Odor Carbon Filter Cartdridge (SKU: 155153-51)Tast & Odor Heavy-Duty Filter Cartridge with Activated Granular Carbon Reduces taste & odor, eliminates sand, dirt, silt, rust, & scale particulates. * Up-Flow design maximizes water flow - 20 micron filtration * Flow rates of up to 4 gpm
Filter Bracket Kit (per pair) (SKU: 112WFBK)Filter Bracket Kit (per pair) (SKU: 112WFBK)Whole House Water Filter Brackets (per pair) 4 ea. Lag bolts included (priced & offered by the pair - 2 brackets per filter installation)
Filter Wrench (SKU: 152039)Filter Wrench (SKU: 152039)This wrench offered at works very well to make disassembly of your American Plumber water filter an easy job without damage to the sump. We recommend only hand-tightening the sump during assembly.
Filter O-Ring (SKU: 152032)Filter O-Ring (SKU: 152032)When you change out a sand & sediment or taste & odor cartidge in your American Plumber water filter, you can try re-using the old o-ring, but always have an extra housing o-ring on hand to ensure that you will be able to reassemble the cannister if the old o-ring is damaged or chipped. Without a new o-ring you will be unable to turn your water service back on unless you have plumbed in a bypass. NOTICE: We'll pay the freight or postage to send this o-ring to you as an accomodation.